Chanthon Bun

After surviving the trauma of the Cambodian genocide, Bun was unjustly sentenced to 49 years in San Quentin State Prison for his role as a lookout during a robbery. After 23 years, Bun reentered society yet still faces the threat of deportation.

Ny Nourn

After escaping an abusive relationship that led to her incarceration for 16 years, Ny is now a powerful voice for other domestic violence survivors who face incarceration and deportation.

Assia Serrano

Assia is a mother of two and domestic violence survivor who has experienced firsthand the double punishment of incarceration and deportation. Every day, she hopes to reunite with her children in the United States.

Ousman Darboe

Ousman is a Black Muslim father, husband, and brother facing deportation after being incarcerated by ICE for over three years.

Robert Panton

Robert is a father, youth mentor, and community leader who continues to suffer the consequences of harsh civil immigration laws that condition deportation on decisions made in the criminal legal system.

Alejandra Pablos

As a young person, Alejandra was convicted of several charges, lost her legal status, and spent two years at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. In 2018, DHS agents singled out and arrested her while she was leading a peaceful protest. She was released on an immigration bond, but still faces deportation.

Robert Vivar

In November 2021, Robert was reunited with his family today in San Diego after 20 years of tirelessly fighting for himself and veterans to return to the U.S.